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Ladies! Create your 1980's look from head to toe with comfy, cute unmentionables offering "I love the 80's". 

Even those who were not alive during the heyday of the 1980s nevertheless enjoy celebrating it as if they were. This is a sign of how widespread 1980s nostalgia is. The 1980s are us, and we are the 1980s.

When Frankie told you to relax, you did so even though your hair was longer and your shoulder pads were wider. And while everyone made mistakes that now appear absurd (like getting a home perm?! ), very few seem as ridiculous as the way people spoke back then. Everyone was captivated by commercialism, and there was odd fashion and overly digitalized music. We were dressed up all bright and unsightly in neon. The worst color combinations possible. You can remove the child from the 1980s, but the decade will always live on.

These lightweight (2.2 oz) women’s briefs provide ultra-comfort where it’s needed the most with a soft elastic waistband and a two-sided fleece finish for maximum wear-ability! Show off your creative side.and love for the 1980's in these comfort fitting black undie.

100% Polyester
Extra light fabric
Regular fit
Printed care label inside

Women's Briefs

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