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This "Freestyle Music 24" Unisex Softstyle T-Shirt is a classic from the 1980s Freestyle music era. Let's go back to the Miami clubs like Club Nu or Club 1235 or NYC with the Roxy, the Funhouse, and Roseland which packed us in with this new sound. Remember those freestyle classics being performed to packed dance floors?

Freestyle music gets its name from the Miami band Freestyle Express. When "Don't Stop the Rock" became a top 10 song, the label accidentally left off a portion of the name; instead, it just said "Freestyle," which was later utilized to help categorize 80s freestyle music. 

The name does not lie - this VIT is designed to make one look like a VIP for any occasion.

Freestyle Music 2024 | Freestyle 1980s Limited VIT T-Shirt

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