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This "Freestyle Music" T-Shirt is a classic from the 1980s freestyle music era. 

Let's dance the freestyle music of the 1980s in Miami. We danced to the Freestyle tunes, which had a more rhythmic feel than classic disco music throughout the 80's.

Freestyle music gets its name from the Miami band Freestyle Express. When "Don't Stop the Rock" became a top 10 song, the label accidentally left off a portion of the name; instead, it just said "Freestyle," which was later utilized to help categorize 80s freestyle music.

This personalized crop top has both comfort and style in spades. Add whimsical patterns, feel-good designs and create a unique tee that’s perfect for everyday wear. Made 100% with silky soft polyester that is both lightweight and breathable.

100% polyester
Light fabric
Made in the USA

Freestyle Music Tee - Limited Edition - Celebrate 1980s Freestyle Music

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